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Roof Leak Repairs To Stop Small Fort Lauderdale Problems Before They Become Emergencies

Roof leak repairs

The last thing homeowners and business owners in South Florida want is, among other things, a leaky roof. To prevent a small problem from becoming a big one, turn to Panela Roofing to address roof leak repairs for your Fort Lauderdale property.

This is a high-priority consideration, especially with the frequency of rain in Fort Lauderdale. If roof leak repairs are not properly addressed and in a timely fashion, you run one too many risks for further damage not only to your roof but to attic insulation, wood framing, and even precious property in the interior.

For this and several other important reasons, look no further than the top roofing contractor for Fort Lauderdale - Panela Roofing. Our team of roofing professionals can address all your roofing repair needs, and we do so with speed and efficiency.

While some leaks appear relatively simple to patch, it's best to contact a respected roofing contractor, especially if water damage is obvious or your roof is at least 20 years old.

Fixing Leaking Roofs

Typically, a leaking roof can be fixed by one of the following methods.

  • Replace damaged shingles or shakes
  • Patch tears in flat roll roofing
  • Seal joint gaps

Indeed, these methods appear to be very simple, but without the required knowledge and experience in addressing leaking roofs, homeowners and business owners alike run the risk of turning a relatively easy fix into a major one.

One word you can expect to hear when discussing fixing leaking roofs is sealant. In essence, this is the "glue" that holds things together and forms a bond between the elements that provide a water-tight seal. It's a sort of caulking used to fill cracks in shingles.

Additionally, leaks might exist if a wide gap develops where roofing material meets vents or a chimney. We use only the best sealant to address these and other issues associated with a leaking roof.

Full shingle replacement may be required, especially if the edges have begun to curl and water has seeped underneath. If not properly addressed, mold, rot, and other unpleasant and potentially dangerous scenarios will result. That's why it is vital to turn to a reputable roofing contractor like Panela Roofing to handle roof leak repairs.

What About Repairing A Damaged Flat Roof?

Panela Roofing approaches flat roof repairs as if we were repairing roofs on our own homes or commercial property. The main difference with flat roofing is that there are no shingles or wood shakes to contend with; however, the rolled-out nature of the material makes the actual "fix" much different.

While the key is to use an effective sealant, sometimes a bubble has to be popped, filled, and smoothed over with a trowel. While this might seem like a do-it-yourself project, it requires precision and patience. And that's why Panela Roofing employs the best and safest methods to address flat roofs and all other roof repairs.

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