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Oakland Park Roofing Contractor You Can Depend On

Roof insurance claims

The experts at Panela Roofing are proud to provide quality roofing services in South Florida. Homeowners and business owners with roofing issues need to look no further than Panela Roofing - the No. 1 roofing contractor for Oakland Park.

We want nothing more than to provide quality customer service and on-the-job results, whether we're conducting roof maintenance, repairs, or replacement. Our professional roofing team will give you the peace of mind you deserve when we're up on the roof taking care of a leak, a rust spot, or a flat roof bubble.

Not every roofing contractor guarantees all of the above, but we do - and then some. We hope that when we establish a working relationship with you, that you will stick with us to come back for annual inspections and if needed, to complete repairs after a storm or to perform routine maintenance.

No homeowner or business owner should have to worry about a roofing contractor being the source of stress. On the contrary, you want a roofing contractor who will come to Oakland Park and work with you when your roof requires attention.

Repairs Considered First, But Sometimes Roof Replacement Is Needed In Oakland Park

Just because a roof is older or has suffered storm damage doesn't mean a full roof replacement is necessary. The roofing inspectors from Panela Roofing are the most thorough in the business, and if it appears a roof has, in fact, run its course, we will guide you through the roof replacement steps.

The three parties involved are the most important party - the customer - along with us - the roofing contractor - and your insurance company. We assist with roof insurance claims and those details and work with you to choose the type of replacement roof that will best suit your needs.

Oakland Park Roofing Repairs Are Our Business

In the event your roof has sprung a leak, shingles appear to have lost their effectiveness, or metal sheeting seems to be showing signs of oxidation or rust, it's time to contact a trusted roofing contractor.

Panela Roofing has the most qualified and reputable roofers around, and we believe where there is a roof requiring repairs, there likely is a roofing solution. We repair cracked and curling shingles, clean and preserve metal sheeting, and smooth out low spots in flat roofing. And then some!

So when you have a roofing question, a roofing issue, or any concerns at all about your roof, call Panela Roofing. Our experts are standing by.

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