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Most Trusted Fort Lauderdale Roofing Contractor

Panela Roofing is proud to serve Fort Lauderdale residents and business owners. No roofing contractor in the Fort Lauderdale area offers more complete, thorough, and professional service.

A roofing contractor must be someone you can trust with one of the most important aspects of your property - your roof. With that in mind, we guarantee our work and guide you through the process, ensuring the job is completed to your specifications.

From roofing repairs to roof replacement and everything in between, Panela Roofing offers various options sure to fit your needs. So if you seek the best roofing contractor in the Fort Lauderdale area, call Panela Roofing at 954-865-2073 today.

About Panela Roofing

Towns We Service in Southern Florida

Located in Oakland Park just minutes from I-95, Panela Roofing serves several communities nearby. Our roofing crews are out and about, always ready to serve, whether it's an emergency repair that's required or new construction.

Roof insurance claims and inspections also seem to be in high demand, especially with the housing market being as active as it is. No problem - you need an inspection? Panela Roofing will come to you and deliver prompt and professional results.

Service Areas

Why Hire Panela Roofing?

Guaranteed results and a roofing plan tailored to your specific roofing needs are just two reasons why homeowners turn to Panela Roofing. In this fast-paced business world, you want a roofing contractor who will take the time to listen - and deliver.

And while our company is relatively new, having been established in 2020, our roofers boast many years of roofing industry experience. We are honored to work for you - our customers - and welcome the opportunity to form a lasting bond with you.

Fort Lauderdale Roof Replacement

In the event a full roof replacement is required, rest assured Panela Roofing's team of professionals will provide you with every option at your disposal. From the overall roofing material to the color and the durability, you need a roofing contractor who knows!

Removal of an existing roof shouldn't be a stressor for you. Instead, you can expect our roofers to take great care in removing existing shingles, metal slats, tar paper, and even your gutters system, if necessary. And we won't make a mess!

We also help mitigate communication with your insurance company, which is a key aspect of successful and smooth roof replacement. So if it's just time to replace your roof or you're doing so to increase your home's resale value, call Panela Roofing today.

Roof Replacement

Repair Or Replace Your Fort Lauderdale Roof

Our primary goal at Panela Roofing is to provide the best possible service to address whatever roofing issue you face. So if you're wondering whether a repair or replacement is necessary, it's best to schedule a consultation with us.

Often this happens following a weather event when hail damage roof repairs might be necessary. But sometimes storm damage repairs simply aren't enough, and a full replacement is required. Regardless, be confident that Panela Roofing is a phone call away.

The only way to determine your best option is for us to inspect your roof. When we do so, we don't just look; we fully inspect critical areas where seals prevent leaks. We also look for cracks in shingles or mold damage to make the final determination.

Repair Or Replace Your Fort Lauderdale Roof

Helping Fort Lauderdale Homes On All Roof Repairs

Just because you might own an older home with an older home doesn't automatically mean your roof needs to be replaced. Shingles do wear down over time, but often, minor roof repairs can make a major difference in the life of your roof.

Color and material matching may seem like a deterrent, but an experienced roofing contractor knows exactly what to do to make this happen when completing a repair. We believe there's always a solution to every roofing problem.

From traditional residential roofs to more technical, multi-angle designs, Panela Roofing has the know-how every up-to-date roofing contract should have. Do you need a repair? We believe we have a solution - that's our promise to you!

Helping Fort Lauderdale Homes On All Roof Repairs

Commercial Roofing Contractor

Panela Roofing takes the same approach with commercial roofing as we do with residential roofing - we make it personal. Your needs are the single most important factor we consider when going to work on your commercial property.

Your business is an extension of you, and every aspect of the exterior of your property should reflect that, including the roof of your commercial building. Panela Roofing will go to work to ensure your business sets a positive tone.

An aesthetically pleasing roof that is functional and attractive will make a marked first impression on your customers before they set foot in your place of business. They deserve it, and so do you, and Panela Roofing can make that happen!

Commercial Roofing Contractor

Frequently Asked Questions

This actually is a relatively easy question to answer. It depends on several factors, including the age and condition of an existing roof, how extensive the damage is after a storm, or whether a real estate deal weighs in the balance.

We work hand-in-hand with insurance companies; it's an integral part of the roofing industry. Our team includes individuals who specialize in this area, so when a claim is made, we know exactly what to do in order to expedite the process.

More often than not, a roof inspection is part of a home or business sale. Prospective buyers want to know whether their roof is in proper shape and will have some longevity. An inspection also might be necessary after a major weather event.

We work primarily with asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and flat roofing. And within these features, we can complete minor and major repairs, including stopping leaks and ensuring seals are secure around heating and cooling vents and even your chimney.

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