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Quality Roofing Contractor in Pompano Beach

Roof leak repairs

A roof is something to never take for granted. It is something that requires care and attention. So when the roof of your Pompano Beach property needs attention, call or text Panela Roofing, and we'll guide you through roof inspections, roof repairs, and, if needed, roof replacement.

Sometimes years pass, and what were once small black streaks from asphalt shingles, rain, and mold have grown in size. In order to mitigate this problem, it's best to bring in a professional roofing contractor like Panela Roofing. We have a solution to every problem, regardless of whether your roof needs a minor or major amount of attention.

We also serve commercial property owners in the Pompano Beach area. Businesses are our business, and we offer flat roofing repairs and construction as part of the most complete and professional roofing services in South Florida.

We are Pompano Beach's Best At Roof Replacement

If full roof replacement is necessary, we work with you and your insurance company and devise a workable, affordable plan. This involves removing the existing roofing material and then determining which option works best - shingles, metal slats, or, especially with commercial buildings, flat roofing.

When we complete a roof replacement, we make sure you understand what will happen every step of the way, from the original inspection through the existing roof removal and on to the actual construction of the roof. The entire process will take an average-sized home will take 5-7 days at most, provided the weather cooperates.

Sometimes roof replacement takes less time, but in general, once the project starts, you can expect your new roof to be in place relatively quickly. And Panela Roofing will be back to conduct an annual roof inspection and perform routine maintenance when necessary.

When Roofing Repairs Are Necessary, Call The Best In Pompano Beach

If your roof has suffered ail or wind damage, our goal at Panela Roofing is to figure out if a repair is the best option. If it is, we will work with you and your insurance company to guide you through the claim and repair plan.

We recommend an immediate inspection should your roof be damaged by a storm or some other unplanned-for-event. Panela Roofing has the know-how to sit down and review your homeowners' insurance policy with you and work with adjusters and agents to ensure the roof repair process is as stress-free as possible.

Rather than tackle another do-it-yourself project, call Panela Roofing at 954-865-2073, and we'll put together a first-rate roofing repair or replacement plan sure to address all your roofing needs.

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