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Miami's Top Choice For Roofing Contractor

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A roofing contractor should ease your stress, not add to it. So when the need arises to hire a reputable roofing contractor in Miami, the choice is easy - contact Panela Roofing, and we'll go straight to work for you.

We respect the wishes of our customers and work right alongside them to ensure their needs are met. Along the way, we offer professional advice, as well as options for roof care and maintenance, repairs, and if necessary, replacement.

Panela Roofing also encourages consumers in Miami to contact us with their questions. We encourage you to grab your phone and punch in the numbers 954-865-2073 with any questions or concerns you might have about your roof.

Not sure what to do about curling shingles? Mold and moss are showing up on the edges? Are black streaks visible on shingles and metal sheeting? Water pooling on your flat roof?

These are common roofing challenges homeowners face. But at Panela Roofing, we believe these challenges have solutions, and as the top-rated roofing contractor in Miami, we will work to address them to your satisfaction.

Miami's No. 1 Roof Replacement Option

When the old roof has to come off, and a new one needs to go up, Miami homeowners and business owners have an awesome option. Panela Roofing is the most trusted roof replacement contractor in South Florida.

This doesn't have to be a long, drawn-out home maintenance chore that bogs you down. Our roofing team delivers prompt and professional service and attractive and durable results.

From the removal of the first shingle on the old roof until we attach the final shingle, Panela Roofing strives to keep your property free of debris during the removal process and equally as clean while installing your new roof.

Roofing Repairs In Miami Never Have Been Easier To Schedule

With Panela Roofing offering roofing repair services in Miami, homeowners and commercial property owners have access to the premier roofing contractor around.

And while we perform full roof replacements, we strive to repair existing roofs whenever possible. This is made possible by considering several factors including:

  • The age of your existing roof
  • Condition of materials
  • Impact of storm damage
  • Availability of materials (especially for older roofs)

One issue we are called upon to address is roof leak repairs. It's important to identify the source of the leak. If a shingle has been torn off or damaged in a storm, and rainwater or melted hail seeps beneath shingles and even underlying, this most definitely needs to be addressed.

This is not something a do-it-yourselfer should attempt to fix. Instead, call 954-865-2073 and let Panela Roofing assess the issue for you.

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