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Metal Roofing: Superior Durability & Lifespan For Fort Lauderdale Properties

Metal roofing

While asphalt shingles are the more traditional approach to roofing, metal roofing is gaining popularity in Fort Lauderdale. In order to choose the best roofing option, turn to Panela Roofing - the premier roofing contractor in South Florida.

The roofing experts at Panela Roofing would like nothing more than for you to trust us with all your roofing requirements. And while metal roofs are more expensive than traditional shingles, consider that metal roofs:

  • Withstand extreme weather
  • Are long-lasting, in some cases beyond 50 years
  • Provide a cooling effect
  • Are energy efficient

If you're reluctant to pay more to have metal roofing installed, it's important to consider the old homeowners' cliché: If you pay more now, you pay less later. Metal roofs may seem expensive up front, but over time, they save you money as they withstand strong winds, all kinds of precipitation, and such nuisances as unwanted vermin.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Standing seam metal roofs are the latest and most effective and safe metal roofing system on the market. Different from corrugated metal roofs, the standing seam roof employs metal panels that lock into a system of fairly wide, flat metal panels with vertical ribs on the ends.

An interlocking system of sorts comprises all roof attachments and seams hidden underneath these vertical legs. The results are very clean-looking roof lines, free of fasteners and full of charm.

And because there are no exposed fasteners or seams, the roof is leak-free and virtually maintenance-free. Once installed, however, we recommend you schedule an annual inspection with Panela Roofing just to make sure everything is in working order.

Replacing Your Roof? Consider Metal.

Roof replacement doesn't have to be stressful consideration, especially when you turn over this concern to Panela Roofing, the top-rated roofing contractor for Fort Lauderdale. We will work with you and your insurance company to complete this project with minimal disruption to your life.

In fact, it's fairly common for a metal roof to be installed right on top of an existing shingled roof. This provides another level of insulation, which is a welcome advantage, given the heat and humidity that pervades the Fort Lauderdale area. And it also softens the sound when rain falls.

Metal roofs, like shingles, are available in all kinds of colors, so it's easy to match your roof to your siding, brick, or stucco finish. If you're still nervous about whether a metal roof is the right choice, then grab your phone and punch in 954-865-2073 - our expert team is standing by.

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