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First-Rate Roofing Contractor In Fort Lauderdale

Flat roof repairs

Leave the worry of roof care and maintenance to us - we're Panela Roofing - the premier roofing contractor for Fort Lauderdale. We deliver on our guarantee of top-notch roofing services and place our focus squarely on loyal customers and new customers alike.

Homeowners and business owners have enough to keep track of without having to keep contact tabs on their roofs. That's why a trusted roofing contractor such as Panela Roofing is your best bet when you're facing roof repairs, roof maintenance, or thorough roof inspection.

Roof repairs will range from simple fixes, such as replacing a single asphalt shingle, to updating caulking around vents. Time, climate, and weather combine to weaken roofing materials over time. And while most roofs are good for 20 years or more, this durability can be positively impacted by scheduling annual roofing inspections.

Our professionals at Panela Roofing will spend significant time on your roof checking the conditions of shingles, metal sheets, and synthetic flat roofing, checking every junction point, and ensuring water hasn't seeped under roofing materials.

We also are on the lookout for the granules that heavy rains wash off the surface of asphalt shingles and into your gutters or welts in shingles or metal that come as a result of hail. Our experts have the training and qualifications and can see things homeowners and commercial property owners might not see.

Fort Lauderdale's Premier Roof Replacement Contractor

Our team at Panela Roofing is proud to work with property owners when they sign with us for a full roof replacement. This job doesn't have to cause undue stress for you - let us handle that worry for you.

From your initial contact with us to the years of annual inspections that follow, Panela Roofing is the reliable roofing contractor you most definitely want to handle roof replacement in Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale's Top Choice For Roofing Repairs

Don't settle. That's Panela Roofing's advice to you when you're considering which roofing contractor to turn to when your home or business requires roof repairs.

From addressing leaks to resurfacing flat roofing, Panela Roofing employs the most advanced and effective roofing repair practices and the most qualified roofing professionals. It's what you pay for, and it's what we guarantee.

We repair cracked or curling shingles, underlying, and flashing where needed And if your metal sheeting seems to be wearing in one spot but not in another, we'll take the necessary steps with you to ensure this issue is addressed, color matching is achieved, and your worry is no more.

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